What Type Of Automatic Door Should You Get?

You should carefully consider what automatic door to get, depending on the reasoning. You need to be able to match the correct requirements, depending on who you are expecting to use it.


One choice is a low energy door. These swing doors don’t need safety sensors to be fitted, due to only needing to move gently and slowly to operate, with the force being unlikely to harm anyone. Financially, this is probably the more cost efficient, but it shouldn’t be the main consideration. These doors are suitable for residential homes that have people with mobility issues or those who use wheelchairs.


If you have a high traffic property then you may consider a semi or fully automatic door that is quicker and does not hinder any one going through. A semi-automatic door uses more force, therefore opening and closing more quickly. They have push pads and sensors fitted for safety, therefore if someone approaches the door, they will not collide with it. The push pad will stop the door from constantly moving when people walking by are detected, which is what generally happens with a fully automatic door.


If you are considering a fully automatic door, they are quicker than the other options, with a larger force to help operate them. Their sensors pinpoint any obstructions or people, making safety a priority. These types of doors are commonly used in schools, shops, doctors and hospitals. These buildings tend to have heavy traffic constantly going to and fro, so by keeping the doors automatic it makes it easier to keep on top of things, particularly if the person using it has their hands full. Call Gem Automatic doors for all Automatic Doors in York and Hull.


When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors should last a long time, so it is a good investment to have. However, every so often, these doors may need to be checked over to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible.


If you’ve had automatic doors for a long time, they may be getting a little worn with age and overuse. If numerous people are using it constantly then it is always moving, to the point where it is overworked and malfunctioning. If you find you’re constantly getting them repaired, then you may find they’re not as reliable as they should be. Financially, getting it replaced will be better in the long run, as they will be up to date with the latest machinery. This also means you can ensure there will be parts available if your door was to fail again, as old model parts may be harder to find.


If the original reason you wanted automatic doors has changed, then you may want to replace them for something different. For instance, if you need a new escape route and you need that particular exit, then changing the door to something more suited will meet health and safety requirements.


In order to keep your door in excellent working order, they should be checked by a professional regularly to keep their lifespan as long as possible. For a free quotation to upgrade your Automatic doors in York or Scunthorpe, call Gem Automatic doors today.


Taking Care Of Your Automatic Doors

Taking care of your automatic door and getting it checked, will ensure it lasts for years. It also means that health and safety is kept up to date, something which is important for workers and insurance.


Having a professional check your door is important, as they will do a thorough job and you can be sure that the door is working safely. Once a year is generally fine, but if you have a door that’s used often, then six months may be recommended.


Occasionally parts will need replacing to extend the lifespan. These doors are complex so they need to be handled carefully, as a bad DIY fix can set you back if it goes wrong!


It is unusual for an automatic door to suddenly stop working, unless there is vandalism or an accident. Usually there are warning signs that it is slowly breaking down. Symptoms of damage need to be looked at quickly by a professional before they turn into a bad issue.


You need to ensure they are opening and closing efficiently with nothing obstructing them, as this can damage them. Sometimes you can tell just by looking at them that there is a problem and as long as you act fast, it will be easier to replace a part rather than the door itself. If you require Automatic Door servicing in York call Gem Automatic doors today.


Benefits Of Having Automatic Doors Installed Within Your Business

Having automatic doors installed within your business, can not only make it easier to enter the building, but can also save time and space, reducing the chance of crowding in the work place. If you have mobility problems then it’ll be a lot easier to access. It also means that if you’re carrying things through, you don’t need to worry about struggling with no hands free!


Automatic doors tend to be more energy efficient, as they only open when walked up to, therefore not much insulation is lost. In the summer it can also ensure air conditioning stays inside.


Health wise, because you don’t need to open them yourself, they are a lot more sanitary, a reason why hospitals use automatic doors.


Aesthetically, more customers are likely to walk through an automatic door, particularly if the entrance is warm and inviting. First impressions are important when walking into a new business, so the more professional looking, the more likely the interest. For more information and to book a visit for your Automatic Doors in York, call Gem today.


Field Testing now available for Automatic Doors

There are now professional safety standards in place for power operated pedestrian automatic doors, EN16005 & BS-EN16005 safety standards state “that pedestrian safety shall be deemed to be provided if the door danger points are protected during the opening and closing cycle.


There are now professional safety standards in place for power operated pedestrian automatic doors, EN16005 & BS-EN16005 safety standards state “that pedestrian safety shall be deemed to be provided if the door danger points are protected during the opening and closing cycle.


For more information on Automatic Door safety in Hull call Gem Automatic doors today.


An App for Automatic gates

New technology has been used to develop an App that allows users to carry out safety assessments on automated gates. The ‘Automated Gate Safety Matrix App’ has been developed by one of the UK’s leading gate automation companies. By asking over thirty multiple choice questions it can assess various risk factors.


There is a pressing need for better gate safety. HSE figures show numerous adults and children have been tragically affected by automated gates. The Door and Hardware Federation estimates that, of the 500,000 automated gates in the UK, less than 30% are safe to use. To book a survey for new Automated gates in Hull, call us on the above numbers.



Peterborough Police received reports of four garage and shed thefts in one night this month, the majority stealing power tools and bicycles.


The Police are urging residents to ensure the security of garages and sheds is sufficient. Leaving valuable property in garages with no locks, or security that is so run-down that it is no tough feat for a thief. If you suspect your current security measures won’t stand up to a thief, try not to leave lawnmowers and bicycles unattended in those places.


To ensure the security of your possessions, contact the security specialists at GEM Automatic Doors.



The awful events at Grenfell Tower have focused attention to the importance of fire safety in buildings. Every company that is responsible for people working or living on their premises has a duty to ensure they are safe and protected in the event of a fire.


Installing Fire Rated Roller Shutter Doors in Selby is a positive step to take to protect your staff and may even be a legal requirement. Take advice from your local automatic door manufacturer to discuss the current Health & Safety legislation that applies to your business.

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