Updating Industrial doors in Grimsby

Making sure your staff are safe and not exposed to harm is not only the right thing to do it is a legal requirement. When things go wrong in the work place not only can it be devastating for the people involved it can be expensive and in some cases lead to a custodial sentence.

A recycling company in South Wales was recently fined £50,000 for breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act and ordered to pay almost £10,000 in costs due to negligence. The electronically operated roller shutter doors at their facility had not been properly maintained resulting in a member of staff being crushed when the door roller barrel fell on him. Fortunately he was not critically injured but was off work for 8 weeks as a result.

High speed industrial doors, roller shutters, gates and barriers all need to have regular maintenance to ensure they work efficiently and protect staff and the public from equipment failure. A company like C & S Industrial Doors, update Industrial doors in Grimsby, Hull and Selby, using a Health and Safety Advisor who not only keeps all their staff fully compliant but can also carry out site inspections.

Bradford on Avon Cricket Club is looking forward to having electric shutters installed at their Victory Field Pavilion.

As with many sports clubs and community buildings tucked away in towns and villages across the country they are targets for vandalism and thieves. The Cricket pavilion had been broken into many times over its history, each time causing hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds worth of damage. Finally the local town council have decided to address the problem and pay for new security shutters to be fitted. Cllr Jon Potter of Bradford on Avon Town Council who are funding the shutters said ‘“We got fed up of replacing them, we thought ‘enough is enough'. We have already replaced two wooden sheds on the field and the shutters will be to everyone’s advantage – apart from the people who break in. The damage has been really bad, with smashed windows and broken-down doors, but these shutters make it pretty much impossible to penetrate. It usually happens in the summer, but it is quite spasmodic. This will make life a lot easier. We are taking the plunge and getting it done and dusted.I am sure the club will be very thankful for this and it will make the place safer.I had these shutters fitted at my shop in Bath and it sorted that problem.”

The Victory Field Pavilion is also used by the local youth football teams during the winter so is well used by the local community. Chairman of the Bradford on Avon Sports Association (BOASA) Isabel Martindale, welcomed the move saying

“I completely back this decision as it is the most cost-effective and best preventive measure possible.” For more information on Automatic doors in Bradford call us today.