Sliding Doors

Typical Record: this linear, slim-line, exceptionally elegant sliding door is the result of decades of experience at developing and manufacturing top quality products with innovative technologies and materials. All automatic door systems are available in standard or made-to-measure “designer” models.

sliding automatic door


The standard model is suitable for all public buildings, inside or out, where convenience, corporate image and a welcoming entrance are important priorities.

  • also ideal for private applications

Uses and benefits

  • Low-noise, extremely reliable, refined technology, enhances convenience for customers
  • simple to install


  • burglar-resistant, multi-point locking
  • recessed floor channels
  • manual unlocking inside and outside for enhanced safety in emergencies
  • swivelling, protective door leaves
  • doors for escape and rescue routes, country-specific models
  • other options

Product overview

STA 20

The STA 20 for intelligent door automation

The record system 20 range of products is a sliding door operator system for all applications. Intelligent door automation is safer and more reliable than earlier systems, thanks to interactive communication between operator components, sensor systems and remote control devices; the system is also self-learning. This universal automatic door system uses the same basic components and peripherals, and can be used for all types of door applications. The record system 20 ensures innovative, intelligent automatic sliding doors.

The benefits of the new door generation:

  • Intelligent door automation > self-learning
  • Safer, more reliable
  • Economical > also thanks to variable opening widths, depending on frequency of use
  • Aesthetically beautiful and strikingly quiet
  • User-friendly > simple menu-led operation via text display in the language of your choice
  • Intelligent record presence detector senses persons in the door leaf area
  • Can also be used in escape and rescue routes

STA 21

The STA 21 for low-price door automation with many enviable features

The Record STA 21 represents door operator technology with an exceptional price/performance ratio. Suitable for simple applications in or outside buildings, the STA 21 is restricted to automatic sliding and telescopic sliding doors. The STA 21 product line for standard applications is the perfect addition to record’s range of products. This model functions safely and reliably, and is low-noise in operation.

The benefits of the new generation of doors:

  • Low-price door automation
  • For standard entrance solutions
  • Safe, reliable and intelligent
  • User-friendly > simple, menu-led operation via text display in the language of your choice

Sliding STA 21 Brochure

Sliding STA 20 Brochure