Fire and security certification

When installing new shutter doors or security grills at your premises consideration should be given to whether your chosen product measures up to the recommended safety and fire standards that proves they are fit for purpose.

The LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) work with industry and government to set a range of standards which mean the products and services they apply to meet the required specifications to ensure they work effectively.

Choosing a product that meets the LPS 1175 standard means you can be certain that it will be able to protect your premises from theft by burglars and manual attacks. Call us for your Industrial doors in Selby.

High speed shutter doors are very useful in a variety of situations. Conserving heat loss and keeping a clean environment by reducing the impact of the weather and the surrounding area on the work place are just a few examples of how installing a high speed shutter door could improve working conditions and your business.

Warehousing and distribution centres which have a lot of traffic coming and going through the day will soon see an increase in productivity by installing high speed shutters. Benefits include increased security, improving the comfort of staff and stock by reduced exposure to the elements and loss of heat.

In workplaces where noise containment is a priority high speed shutters can reduce the noise pollution coming from your building and its impact on your neighbours. Please call today for a free visit and quotation for bespoke High speed shutter doors in Hull and York.